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Corrosion Detection & Monitoring

Corrosion detection and monitoring are essential diagnostic and prognostic means for preserving material “health” and reducing life-cycle cost of industrial infrastructures, weapon systems, ships, aircraft, ground vehicles, pipelines etc. 

A major portion of the life-cycle cost for all platforms and infrastructures is due to labor hours spent in finding the problem and then fixing them with either a major overhaul or extensive part replacement. Knowing where the problem is early on could save up to 30% total ownership cost. 


With our partner EUROPCORR, we provide a full range of solutions for corrosion detection and monitoring.


We will assist our clients in setting up their complete monitoring system for large plants.

Corrosion Detection & Monitoring

Europcorr corrosion probes have been widely applied in oil and gas industry

They are available where it is particularly necessary to monitor localized wall effects.

Corrosion stays within acceptable limits rather than to rapidly detect process behavior.

The areas of expertise include:


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