Techno Cast



Your Partner for Efficient Maintenance Solutions

Today, a key factor in any cement plant is the availability of production equipment. For you, in order to meet your customer’s needs, this means that nothing is more important than keeping the material in motion through the crushers, preheaters, clinker coolers and kiln, to the storage silos as efficiently as possible.

TECHNO CAST offers you effective maintenance solutions to solve your problems of belt conveyors, elevators, as well as durable anti-wear protections for your storage and handling equipment.

We are very familiar with the handling, packaging, and storage process in cement plants. We have the experience and know-how to help you solve your problems in these areas.

Our solutions for the preventive maintenance of your conveyor belts & elevators include:

  • Audit of conveyors,
  • Supply and installation of scrapers, dust skirting, impact beds,
  • Conveyor belt splicing services: by mechanical staples, cold splicing, and hot vulcanizing
  • Supply and installation of drum laggings,
  • Metal detectors and separators,
  • Belt positioners and trainers,
  • Buckets and accessories for elevators,

Our solutions for the preventive maintenance of your crushing equipment, storage, transport piping include:

  • Equipment audit,
  • Supply and installation of durable wear protection,
  • Wear parts of crushers, mills, coolers …
  • Air cannons,
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